About Us
Our little cell of cunning geniuses has always been passionate about city games, in all their various shapes & guises, and we all have experience of playing and/or designing. “But what’s so good about city games?” we hear you ask. Well, of course they get us outside for some much-needed mental & physical exercise but, most of all, they’re great fun. It’s something to do with friends and you can make a whole load of brand new friends while you’re at it. Try one and you’ll be hooked like us!
Alasdair Kerr

Alasdair Kerr


Code name: Ginja Ninja
Nationality: Northern Ireland
Skill specialty: Flipping beermats
Known for: Irregular shaving habits
Probably: Eats all your cheese
Frightened: American TV series and whisks

Agata Chrzanowska

Agata Chrzanowska

La Femme Fatale

Code name: Destructive blonde
Nationality: Poland
Skill specialty: Running in high heels
Known for: Unexpected bouts of laughter
Probably: Doesn't know
Frightened: Cat's clocks with moving eyes

Timothy Barrett

Timothy Barrett


Code name: Sucharek
Nationality: English
Skill specialty: Skipping the queue
Known for: Being "Pasta Masta 2009"
Probably: Wears the wrong shoes
Frightened: Large puddles

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